Friday, September 18, 2009

Independent Film Week - Follow our Bloggers and Tweeters

Observe the black and white photos of two of the world's most famous, and enduringly successful, independent filmmakers.

Where were these photos taken? Why, Independent Film Weeks of years past (technically, they were then known as the IFP Market). Flash forward to today: There is palpable excitement in the air at IFP's DUMBO headquarters as a couple dozen of us prepare for the 31st annual Independent Film Week, which starts, astonishingly, tomorrow at 10 am! And the web is reflecting this excitement. Starting today, and for the next week, participants of all stripes - from first time filmmakers in the Emerging Narrative section to seasoned producers moderating panels - will be blogging and "Tweeting" about the action.

Already, a few filmmakers participating in The Project Forum have posted about what they are expecting in the coming days. These entries can be found at the Filmmaker Magazine blog. Throughout the week, the following filmmakers, will post at least twice about their experiences:

Kristi Jacobson (HUNGRY IN AMERICA, Spotlight on Documentaries)
Paul Lovelace & Jessica Wolfson, a.k.a. Lost Footage Films (RADIO UNNAMEABLE, Spotlight on Documentaries)
Rebecca Richman Cohen (WAR DON DON, Spotlight on Documentaries)
Jennifer Phang (LOOK FOR WATER, No Borders)
Noah Harlan (FREE IN DEED, No Borders)
Melissa B. Miller (THE TESTED, Emerging Narratives)

We also have a series of Industry Twitterers who will be tracking the action in Tweet-forms. look for the Hash tag #IFPWeek. The first Tweet is from the incomparable Ryan Harrington, who will be wearing two hats during the week - as a conference panelist and Executive Producer in Spotlight on Docs. Make sure to check in daily on this blog, on Twitter, and at Filmmaker Magazine blog. See you at F.I.T.!

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